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Yuka Utano - My new UTAU! :iconxpinkdeathx:XPinkDeathX 2 0 Ella OC :iconxpinkdeathx:XPinkDeathX 1 0 My new Minecraft skin^^ :iconxpinkdeathx:XPinkDeathX 2 0 PPG new oc: Tikki :iconxpinkdeathx:XPinkDeathX 1 0 TMNT: No More Darkness. No More Starblood. :iconxpinkdeathx:XPinkDeathX 1 1 TMNT: Night Protector Raphaella (Ella)/ Starblood :iconxpinkdeathx:XPinkDeathX 0 0 TMNT MLP: Got revenge on my sisters :iconxpinkdeathx:XPinkDeathX 1 2 TMNT: Starblood (Ella, me) Doing a Selfie! :iconxpinkdeathx:XPinkDeathX 0 1 The Starlings - New Version :iconxpinkdeathx:XPinkDeathX 1 0 MLP: The Dark Jewels (The Fairies) - New Looks :iconxpinkdeathx:XPinkDeathX 1 0 The Dark Hearts (The fairies) - meet Shine :iconxpinkdeathx:XPinkDeathX 0 0 The Dark Heart - Shimmer and Glimmer gets energy :iconxpinkdeathx:XPinkDeathX 0 0 The Dark Hearts (The fairies) - Shine and Glimmer :iconxpinkdeathx:XPinkDeathX 0 2 The Starlings (New Version) :iconxpinkdeathx:XPinkDeathX 1 0 My Dazzlings (Old speedpaint) :iconxpinkdeathx:XPinkDeathX 0 0 The Starlings (My Dazzlings) :iconxpinkdeathx:XPinkDeathX 2 0


MLPEG Human Base #020 We've got to have money~ :iconxnikkibases:xNikkiBases 12 2 Raphael Fan Button :iconkyu-dan:Kyu-Dan 82 31 Base: The Dazzlings :iconlilemmichan:LilEmmiChan 220 25 EG Base: BOWN DOWN FOR THE QUEENS :iconlilemmichan:LilEmmiChan 197 20



Yuka Utano - My new UTAU!
Hey guys! I'm learning how to use UTAU! And this is my oc - Yuka Utano!
So.. let's talk about her:

Name: Yuka Utano
Any symbol?: 06 on her right hand.
Height: 155 cm
Weight: 36 kg
Item: Corn

Hope you like her! I'll upload her FIRST song soon!
PPG new oc: Tikki
Hi there! Soo.. here's my new ppg oc - Tikki!
About her:
Name: Tikki
Age: 15
Birthday: 7.01
Eyes color: Black (out) and aqua (inside)
Hair color: Blonde, with some blood
Personality: Tikki is a killer, she's killing everybody that standing on her way. As you can see, she's in the Foot clan. She likes Leonardo, but she don't want to tell it to anybody, because she's afraid that Shredder will know about it, and kill her. She hates Karai, and she wants to kill her. Leo won't love her back.
Hope u like it!~~

Tikki (C) by - :icon XPinkDeathX:
Raphael Fan Button by Kyu-Dan
Raphael Fan Button by Kyu-Dan


Ella Dash


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123mysteriouspony Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2016  Student
I like all your drawings^^
XPinkDeathX Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2016
Thank you a lot! ^_^
123mysteriouspony Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2016  Student